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Why Being A Remarkable Small Business Matters

Written by Richard Mawer

Richard is the Amazon #1 best selling author of the book "Remarkable Business Growth" and has an obsession with helping small business owners to build remarkable businesses that are capable of doubling revenue every 12 months and leave visitors and customers wowed at every touch point.

March 24, 2024

There are several reasons why being a remarkable small business matters when it comes to modern business growth. The primary reason has to be that of differentiation between you and the market place. If you can focus your efforts on making every touch-point you have with the outside world truly remarkable, you will stand apart from everyone else in your industry. The other definition of being a remarkable business, that I talk about extensively in my book “Remarkable Business Growth” is in becoming a business that has the ability to double revenue every 12 months, if that is what you want to do.

The benefits of becoming this type of remarkable business are obviously commercial, but when you have put in place the processes to allow you to generate new leads at will and convert these leads into customers and revenue, at scale, life becomes far easier for you as a business owner. I love Seth Godin’s definition of being a remarkable business, you can see this here in this video:

The Remarkable Small Business Advantage

The advantage this gives you is that you will start to attract the right type of prospect and lead into your business, people who want to do business with you, rather than having to rely on broadcasting and interruption marketing, you will start to use magnetic or pull marketing, that makes the right type of customer gravitate towards you and your business.

We talk a lot about “influencers” and “thought-leaders” or people or businesses who dominate the conversation in a certain sector. So focus your time on being customer centric in your business. Make sure understand who these people are, what challenges they are facing, mistakes they are making and prizes they are seeking. Listen to the questions they ask as they move along their journey and focus your time on creating remarkable content around these topics. You will quickly become a thought-leader in your industry and someone who is listened to and seen as remarkable.

Creating Remarkable Touch Points

I want you to start to make a list of the ways people come into contact with you. Ask yourself how remarkable is it?

Here are some ideas for you to audit:

  • Your website – How remarkable is the user experience on your website? Is it a brochure website or a useful resource that will help your customers? Who do you talk about most, yourself or your customer?
  • Your social media – How remarkable are your social media posts? Are they deep and insightful or generic and boring? What platform are you focusing on posting to and is this your target audience’s preferred platform?
  • Your brochures – Offline and online your printed or digital brochures need to blow people away. So put in the work to make them remarkable.
  • Your blog content – Make sure you focus your blog content on the keywords and questions people are asking. Focus on the problems they have, the mistakes they are making and payoffs they are looking for.
  • Your product offerings – Remember that your product is not just your core product, service or solution. You need to have a range of products. Free products that grab attention and sell ideas. You then need Conversion Products for turning that attention into leads in your CRM,. You need your core products, to deliver the results for your customers. Finally you need “Products for Customers” these are high-profit products or services that are the natural next step. Make each of these remarkable and you will dominate.
  • Your video content – Be imaginative and as Gary Vaynerchuck says “be a media business” – think about the various ways you can use video to demonstrate what you do. Use video for testimonials and case studies with your customers. Product “how to” videos and use your YouTube channel to distribute this content. Make your videos remarkable.
  • Your sales process – Make each step of your sales process remarkable, predictable and measurable. A remarkable sales process will be human, holistic and helpful.
  • Your operational delivery – Delight your customers with a remarkable delivery of your product, service or solution. Over-deliver here and you will have customers for life.

Is it time to create your remarkable small business?

I hope this has inspired you to focus on building a remarkable small business that leaves people saying “wow” whenever they come into contact with you. I have helped hundreds of small business owners over the past 30 years to get to seven figures and beyond. Take your time to get this right and let me know how you get on.

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