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Don’t be average – be remarkable!

BuildING A Remarkable Business

Welcome to the Go Be Remarkable community. This community is all about sharing the strategies, process and systems to grow your small business to £1m and beyond.

We will work together to help you build a business that will give you more fun, freedom and fulfilment than ever before.

Yes, a business that is capable of doubling revenue every year, if that is what you want but also a business that is remarkable at every single touch point, leaving people saying “wow” when they come into contact with you.

Now that is something we believe every small business can become and is worth working towards.

Remarkable Business Growth


Unlocking Your Potential

When you commit to building a remarkable business, something amazing happens in you. You unlock a drive and commitment to making everything the best it can be. You join the group of people who never think anything is “good enough” or accept mediocrity. All your focus switches to your buyers, users and customers and giving them an unforgettable experience, one that they want to come back to time and again, but also share with everyone they know. You never worry about money, or having enough time or enjoying what you do – because you go be remarkable every day!

Richard Mawer Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Remarkable Business Growth


I’m Richard

My name is Richard Mawer, the founder of Go Be Remarkable and author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Remarkable Business Growth”. I currently run three businesses, including a consultancy, a software Saas business and this coaching and training company which is my community for sharing resources from my book. I have been building seven figure businesses for the past 25 years and helping other people to do the same, sharing how to build truly remarkable businesses that set them apart in their industry.

GBR Solutions


Business Coaching

Wherever you are now and wherever you want to be in your business journey I can coach you to get there. I will help you plan and execute a predictable growth strategy to build a truly remarkable business.

Not ready to work with me live in my coaching programme. Then take one of my intensive training courses, from strategy planning, through to lead generation, customer acquisition, client engagement and business system creation, I have sat down and recorded hours of content to get you where you want to be.

Every month I run live events, both virtually and in-person. So makre sure you check out the upcoming events and I look forward to seeing you on one in the near future.

If you enjoyed my book “Remarkable Business Growth” then you will love the rest of my free resources, guides, videos and blog posts to help you build your business into a truly remarkable one.

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Join our community of like minded business owners who hate avaerage and will never settle and are focus on building remarkable businesses every day!

Straight to the point and immediately applicable. This is clearly written by a person who has 'been there and done it'. This is practically a guidebook to success.

Mark Webb – On “Remarkable Business Growth”

"A must for any business person . As a guide or as a reminder and refocusing tool. Can’t recommend it highly enough."

John Dixon

"Richard is so full of Sales and Inbound Marketing knowledge that when he moves about you can almost see it falling from his ears, but there is a difference between knowing stuff and being able to put it into practice, and that's where Richard really stands above the crowd."

Steve Webb

"Have you ever met a Jedi Master? Someone who is master of their craft to the degree that you don’t know where craft becomes science and vice versa? Someone who is obsessed with helping others to achieve more and speaks with passion about their subject to the degree that you can’t help but be enthused by what they’re doing? Richard Mawer is the Jedi Master of systems & processes."

Tony Smith