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Use these resources to get started or accelerate your ability to build a remarkable business. Click the button below if you need any help and support as you go through the resources.

Richard Mawer Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Remarkable Business Growth
Richard Mawer Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Remarkable Business Growth

Remarkable Business Growth

Below you will find the resources for each chapter of my book “Remarkable Business Growth” – My advice is to take your time as you read the book and complete each of the activities at the end of each chapter, before proceeding to the next chapter. This will ensure you are “taking action” as you read through the book and maximise the impact it will have on your own business.

Chapter 1 - The Remarkable Audit

How remarkable is your business at present? Take the time to download the Remarkable Audit Worksheet and work through each of the 15 touchpoints marking yourself on how remarkable you are at present.

Download The Remarkable Audit Worksheet


Chapter 2 - Know Your Numbers

Being specific with your numbers is critical to success. Take the time to complete the exercise and calculate each of the 10 top-level metrics you will measure to show you are on -track or off-track with your goals.

Download the Know Your Numbers Worksheet

Chapter 3 - Free Your Time Planner

The focus of the time planner exercise is to focus your mind on where you are spending your time each day, what type of tasks you are doing and if these tasks are high value, mid-value or low-value.

Download Your Time Planner

Chapter 4 - Technology Audit

How remarkable is your business system of technology, software and tools. Is it a connected all-in-one system that is easy to use and gives you a single source of truth?  Complete your technology audit and find out.

Download Your Technology Audit


Chapter 5 - Primary Buyer Persona Worksheet

Understanding who your “good fit” buyer is, is critical to attracting them to your business and helping them to understand the problems and pains they are facing, overcome the mistakes and beliefs that are holding them back and use your product as the solution that will help them achieve the results and outcomes they are looking for. Spend time mapping out your primary buyer persona, with this worksheet.

Download Your Buyer Persona Worksheet

Chapter 6 - Growth Strategy Planner

It’s time to start creating your remarkable small business growth strategy. A plan that will take you from where you are now to seven figures and beyond. Remember your strategy will drive your tactical execution on a daily basis, giving complete clarity on what you are doing and why you are doing it. So spend at least a week on each of the 12 elements in the Growth Strategy Planner.

Download Your Remarkable Growth Strategy Planner

Chapter 7 - Keyword Research & Content

Get your target keywords and content plan in order. Use this keyword and content planner to map out your primary topics, phrases and keywords to focus your SEO and content on.

Download Your Keyword & Content Planner


Chapter 8 - Content Creation Grid

Now you know what keywords and topics you are focusing on, use this planner to plan out your content and social media strategy. Create an engaging content mix in a variety of formats to keep it interesting.

Download Your Content Creation Grid

Chapter 9 - Customer Call Sheet

Call five customers in the next week. You are looking for customers who fit your Primary Buyer Persona and going to ask them a few short questions, as well as thnking them for being a customer. Use the Customer Call Sheet Below:

Download Your Customer Call Sheet

Chapter 10 - Setting Up Your CRM

Time to set up your CRM and create a single source of truth for your business. Download this “Setting Up Your CRM” guide to help you focus on the right areas.

Download The Setting Up Your CRM Guide


Chapter 11 - Reporting & Dashboards

Time to start measuring the metrcis, analytics and data you are creating in your business, by setting up dashboards and reporting. Set up five dashboards for your business by using the guide below.

Download The Setting Up Your Reporting & Dashboards Guide

Chapter 12 - Your £1m Roadmap Checklist

Time to bring it all together, use this 20 point checklist to map out each area to focus on, as you grow towards £1m.

Download Your £1m Roadmap Checklist

Bonus Book Resources

Sales Plan Worksheet

Download this excel doc to plan out your sales plan for the next 12 months, this will focus you on the numbers you need so hit to meet and exceed your financial growth goals.

One Thing Planner

Download this planner to help you prioritise your “one thing” for the week and your daily activities that feed into your “one thing”. This is so powerful when it comes to productivity and focus.

Website Audit

Download your free website audit checklist, to audit your website for the core elements that a modern remarkable website needs to provide a remarkable user experience.

The Remarkable Diagnostic Tool

I have built a quick 25 question scorecard to help you self-diagnose where you are remarkable and where you need to focus your efforts next.  Click below to start the audit.

4 Steps To Growing A Remarkable Business 

Keep it simple when creating remarkable touchpoints for your business, by focusing on your strategy, process, systems and metrics. In my years helping people to grow remarkable businesses, these are the levers that have the biggest impact.

small business growth strategy


Create a remarkable growth strategy that will dictate what tactics you execute on a daily basis.

Small business process


Map out everything you do and turn it into a step by step process that delivers predictable results.

Business growth Systems


Build a “connected”system of technology, tools and software that you can leverage for growth and scale.

Business growth metrics


Measure everything, so you know what is working, what is not working and what can work better.


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